Tamaishiki at home M.R.C. (Mathematics with reading comprehension)

教育を志しへとつなげる 教育の魔法チャンネル

全国どこでも一緒に学べる玉井式! 双方向型

Tamaishiki at home
M.R.C. (Mathematics with reading comprehension)

おうちで玉井式 国語的算数教室®

Your kids are not fond of studying? No problem!

With "Tamaishiki at home M.R.C.", You can turn
learning into fun!

"Tamaishiki at home M.R.C." is an e-learning system utilizing cloud service that allows you to learn the contents of "Tamaishiki M.R.C." from home.
This e-learning system provides fun stories in the video which is based on the theme of family love. Students watch the video and then work on story-based math problems. Sometimes, math tends to be repetitive and boring. So, by telling stories, students can enjoy themselves by learning math as if they were reading fun books. While learning math, children can also develop their language skills and grow up to be gifted individuals who are not afraid of reading long sentences and solving applied problems.

Immersive learning environment for children Utilizing both textbooks and animations based on stories from children’s books

テキスト(単元内容)を おうちで映像教材とセットで学習

Study the textbook (unit content) at home with video materials.

A set of videos and textbooks are designed well for learning at home.


Taking online interactive classes at home

The contents of the text are explained in the online class, and students can develop further knowledge by learning more related contents.

Take a glance at our videos !

Learning from stories that keeps you excited with Tamaishiki!

"M.R.C." was developed by Tamai Mitsuyo, a scriptwriter and an educational leader. Now, more than 10,000 kids have studied with its materials. This unique and original Online Education we proudly provide are full of exciting stories, top-notch animations, and themes that surely captivates children. By using the materials, kids will naturally enjoy and get into the habit of studying!

Tamaishiki at home M.R.C. Curriculum

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