History of Tamaishiki

Hello, everybody!
I am Mitsuyo Tamai,
the creator of Tamaishiki.

My motivation for creating Tamaishiki began with my doubts with ordinary textbooks and teaching materials.

I originally ran a tutoring school in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, for about 20 years. One day, one of the students said, "Teacher, I forgot how to solve Uekizan*1, so I can't calculate." I wondered why she couldn't solve the uekizan, when she could do it just a couple of months ago.
Then I realized. The children were only memorizing formulas and methods, not understanding the meaning of the equations.
I have always had strong doubts about the distinctions of subjects. Being taught how to write and think about other people's feelings is a necessary skill, regardless of the subject. But it's only taught in the language arts. Children are more interested in math if the problems are related to their daily lives. When a story is based in real life, children will enjoy the story more, and try to visualize the contents of the story. My past experience as a screenwriter has come in handy. Students will be able to understand the meaning of uekizan without having to be taught the formula once they understand an episode in the story.
The ability of imagination is the foundation of many other abilities. For example, people often talk about "problem-solving skills," but if you don't have the ability to read and understand what the other person is trying to tell you, you won't be able to find the problem nor the solution. In order to acquire such developmental skills for the future, we must first nurture a creative mind, which is the foundation of learning. After all, that's what the early grades are all about.
*1 Uekisan: math problems of planting trees. It calculates the length of interval or the number of trees to be planted.
Mitsuyo Tamai

Mitsuyo Tamai

Head of Tamai Education group
ICT teaching materials creator, scriptwriter and director
CEO of Tamai Investment Educations inc.
インドのスタッフと子どもたち pcの前で話を聞くインドの子どもたち

Tamaishiki will be the first Japanese teaching material manufacturer to be used in an elementary school that is managed by the Indian government.

Tamaishiki will be the first Japanese teaching material manufacturer to be used in an elementary school that is managed by the Indian government. Private schools in India are well-equipped, with 300 computers in dedicated classrooms. More and more families are becoming passionate about education. On the other hand, once you step outside the school, there are many begging children on the streets.
Children who can go to school feel very grateful that they are allowed to study. And they work hard in their studies with hope, with the thought of "laying the groundwork for future professional studies".
Elementary school students are learning with ambition and passion. I believe the feeling of "passion" is universal. It doesn't matter if language isn’t your forte, as long as you’re passionate, your thoughts will be conveyed to others.
Japan is facing a decline in birthrate and an aging population, so there is no certainty that the country will be able to maintain its national strength in the future. That's why I hope that Japanese children will learn to have the same passion that Indian children currently have. In order to do this, children must love their family first. Then, they will spread that "love" to their friends, school, community, country, and so on. That makes children understand the value of life and leads them to develop the attitude where they think, "I want to work harder and contribute!" I believe that is one of the roles of education, and I myself am working to express it in my teaching materials.
子どもたちに教える代表 玉井

We want to nurture children to be highly skillful and at par with the rest of the world.

In order to do so, I want to create educational materials that will help children to compete with the rest of the world. To achieve this goal, we are constantly brushing up our educational materials based on feedback given to us from people using Tamaishiki all over the world. Tamaishiki’s goals are not to simply sell educational materials, but rather visit all over Japan and the world to obtain direct feedback from teachers and guardians.
Education is the foundation of life. I believe that it is the bare minimum for those who are involved in creating educational materials to imagine how it affects to the children's future learning. And that is what Tamaishiki continues to keep in mind while it evolves.
Guardians are truly invaluable to their children. Sometimes we guardians get impatient because we worry about "what our children can't do", but first of all, please smile and praise your children one by one for "what they can do". I hope that when you look back on your child-rearing experience, you will think, "that was fun”. If "Tamaishiki" can help you do that, I would be more than delighted.

Profile of Mitsuyo Tamai

Mitsuyo Tamai

Born in kyoto,
ICT teaching materials creator,
scriptwriter and director
Based on her 20 years of teaching experience at tutoring schools, she has developed nationwide educational materials that can be learned from computers and tablets, such as "Tamaishiki M.R.C.(Mathematics with reading comprehension)" and "Ultimate Shapes." As of 2021, approximately 24,000 students are studying the program throughout Japan, and it is currently growing into an educational material used in diverse settings, such as famous private elementary schools, major tutoring schools, kindergartens, nursery schools, and after-school activities.
She is the author of several books including, "A Book for Simultaneously Developing Japanese and Arithmetic Skills by Age 9" (KADOKAWA), "How Guardians Who Can't Speak English Send Their Children Off to a Global Society" (Gakken), "Sentences in a Nutshell: Arithmetic Drills" (Shogakukan), "Learning Kindergarten" (Shogakukan), and "Raising a Child Who Can't Be Beaten in the World" (Seishun Shuppan).
Tamai Onettom India Private Limited was established in Ranchi, India, the capital of the state of Jharkhand, to develop ICT teaching materials and provide classes such as "Ultimate Shapes", "Japanese Language Education Program", "Programming", and "Science Experiment Materials" to prestigious private elementary and junior high schools. Our materials were officially introduced in government-managed schools in Delhi from April 2021.
Tamaishiki has also been adopted by tutoring schools in Singapore and Vietnam.
Lecture Achievements
More than 120 lectures annually in Japan and abroad
  • ・Toyama Prefecture-commissioned training program for employees of the Toyama Private Childcare Federation (organized by the Toyama Private Childcare Federation)
  • ・"Parent Association" PTA workshop (held at the kindergarten attached to the Faculty of Education, Kumamoto University)
  • ・Workshop on the project to support the development of children's growth potential (organized by Sabae City Child Welfare Division)
  • ・Aomori Prefecture Private Kindergarten PTA Gathering Convention (Hosted by Aomori Prefecture Private Kindergarten PTA Association / Aomori Prefecture Private Kindergarten Federation)
  • ・Ibaraki Prefectural Federation of Private Kindergarten and Accredited Children's School PTA Shimotsuma Block Workshop (organized by Ibaraki Prefectural Federation of Private Kindergarten and Accredited Children's School PTA)
  • And many more.


Published on August 26, 2022
Acquiring "arithmetic reading comprehension"
by the age of 12 without formulas.
[Publisher] Kadokawa
We can now put an end to "rote memorization!Percentage, speed, and fraction calculations, etc. which are the common stumbling area in elementary school arithmetic. And many children have trouble with math even in middle and high school once they stumble upon it! Based on the results of the National Assessment of Educational Attainment and Learning, we have identified the math "units" and "causes" where elementary school students stumble.This book is intended to be a guide for guardians of elementary school students, as well as teachers at tutoring schools and schools.The book even includes actual materials used in the Tamaishiki, and is illustrated and evidence-oriented.
*Available from bookstores nationwide and on Amazon.
Self-affirmation to be nurtured by elementary school age
Published on March 18, 2022
Self-affirmation to be nurtured
elementary school age
[Publisher] Shogakukan
What strengths will a child need to live in a future that is constantly changing? The age up to and through elementary school is a very precious period. Instead of just focusing on achievements, it is imperative to focus on building up the foundation of resilience. All is explained in this book, with theories based on the author's personal experiences in educational guidance.
*Available from bookstores nationwide and on Amazon.
Raising children to be competitive on the world stage
Published on January 21, 2020
Raising children to be competitive
on the world stage
[Publisher] Seishun Shuppansha
What is the difference between Japanese children and their counterparts in other countries? What does the author, who was the first person in Japan to have her teaching materials approved by the Indian government, teach us about how to raise children who will be competitive on the world stage and become able to earn a solid income in a global society?
*Available at bookstores nationwide and on Amazon.
Please take a look at our publications that use the Tamai method and can be implemented at home.
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