Kids Presenters Course

知識を志へとつなげる 教育の魔法チャンネル

全国どこでも一緒に学べる玉井式! 双方向型

Kids Presenters Course

Kids presenter training

All children are natural creators!

Acquire "the joy of presenting your own ideas"
without thinking of technical accuracy!

Special lessons for elementary students to develop the finest presentation skills!

Due to the pandemic, the reinforcement of online learning and communication has increased dramatically. A few years from now, it will be common to introduce yourself or give a presentation to someone you are talking to for the first time behind a screen online. The Kids Presenter Course is designed to help the students express their ideas with confidence even in such situations.

Comments from parents who have participated in the "Kids Presenter Course"

Third grade students’ parents


From a parent's point of view, I felt that my daughter should have prepared in advance, or she should have talked more about the scene, but I decided to keep quiet anyway and see what she would talk about this time.”
I don't think it is necessary to get everything perfect right from the beginning. It is more important to motivate and inspire her in learning. Since all of the books that everyone introduced looked so interesting, my daughter became so excited that she took note of the titles, only to go to the library and look for them.
My daughter was very pleased that she had gotten much praise from Ms.Tamai even for merely saying basic sentences. I could see that the more praise we gave, not only did my kid want to talk more, but also all the children in the class. I noticed that for children, openly speaking in front of strangers, even with just a few words, is a great learning experience.
Strangely enough, even though I didn't hear the content nor the main points, I felt that the presentation that made my child want to read the book was created by the happy atmosphere of the children. I am looking forward to the next lesson.

Second grade students’ parents


Thank you for the presentation contest! I was told that it wasn’t good to nitpick and interfere (my child when speaking)... I think this happened twice already! I am also grateful for the teacher who noticed and kindly advised me about this.
My son wants to introduce his pet to Ms. Tamai next time! So, if it doesn't take away the opportunity for those who haven't been able to participate yet, It would be great to have him join for the second time!

Forth grade students’ parents


It was so inspiring to witness the children's performance which I would not normally have the opportunity to encounter otherwise. It was also an opportunity for me to realize that from now on, it will be common for us to be connected and interact through the internet even when we are far away from each other.
The children were able to meet Ms. Tamai through the screen, and it was wonderful to see how she affirmed each child and created an atmosphere where the children were not afraid to make mistakes and were willing to try.

Participation in the Kids Presenter Course

Distribution of recorded videos (Archives) Because the children's faces will be seen in the video, there will be no plans for broadcasting. In the course, we will be using the LIVE system, where calls from the instructor to the students are incorporated.
Communication method We will be using Zoom, an online conference platform that allows the instructor to see the students' faces and vice versa. It also allows the sharing of presentations and many more. Please join our online learning with good access to the internet.
Entering the Zoom meeting Zoom access (room entry) will be accepted 10 minutes before the class starts. Please let us know if you need to cancel due to unavoidable personal reasons after the registration.
Caution Please refrain from recording or transcribing the online classes, posting on social networking sites or canceling the class without permission.

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