About the Handling of our Copyrighted Materials

Announcement about the handling of our textbooks and recorded video

About the videos

Videos provided by Tamai Institute are under the protection of the Copyright Act of Japan. Reproduction, reprinting, quotation, sale or any other secondary use of our products without the permission of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. In an occurrence of an unauthorized upload of our products to any platform, if its factuality is substantiated, legal action will be taken against any individual or group regardless of whether it is uploaded in public or as a private video. The use of our videos uploaded without an authorization will be dealt with in the same manner.
*We have already notified our corporate lawyer and the police regarding the cases of illegal upload of materials that have been discovered.

About the texts

Reselling our texts is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from purchasing our products sold in unauthorized websites and online auctions.

Important notice

If you find an unauthorized upload of our recorded video on any video sharing platforms, we humbly request for you to inform us immediately through the inquiry form below. We appreciate your cooperation.

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