Develop computational brain and
concentration skills
through self-study.

学んだ知識をつなげ記述して答える力 を伸ばす。

Tamaishiki Ee Soroban

Learning the soroban helps visualizing the number composition in a head
and activating the right-brain

玉井式 Eeそろばん

Gain the Skill to Mentally Visualize and
Understand the Composition of Numbers

Soroban, the Japanese abacus, cultivates creative minds and calculation skills.

Students will develop how to visualize and calculate the number compositions in their head.

The calculation method using soroban applies to mental calculation by visualizing the beads in a head. For example, when calculating the expression 15+6, they will add "1" of "6" at units and flick up “5” and add a bead to the tens to make a new 10, the calculation total is "21". This practice prompts them to visualize the number composition. It's hard to memorize the equations such as 3 + 9 = 12 or 7 + 8 = 15, when it's so easy to perform in a head with the Soroban method.

The never before seen Tamaishiki soroban learning is also effective for
right-brain development.


Tamaishiki Ee Soroban, which utilizes ICT, enables students to acquire calculation, imagination, and concentration skills through an unprecedented learning technique. In addition to strengthening your calculation skills, actually touching and moving the soroban with your own hands engages the right-side of your brain, which relates imagination and holistic thinking. By learning how to use an abacus from an early age, you can develop your "creative mind". With Tamaishiki Ee Soroban, students go through the repeated training of performing calculations with speed and accuracy.

  • Calculation
  • Creative
  • Concentration
  • Information

Ee Soroban enhances all your strengths!

Four Reasons Your Child Will Enjoy Learning


“I can understand it easily by watching the animation!”
Easy-to-understand animated ICT learning materials

Tamaishiki original ICT materials feature quality video and amusing audio that makes explanations easy to understand. Each animation has a story, and characters demonstrate how to use the Soroban in the video. With Ee Soroban, students can study the Soroban on their own even if they are not taught by a professional lecturer.


Mentally visualize the soroban!
Utilize Tamaishiki original arithmetic mental calculation method

In “Tamaishiki Ee Soroban”, students watch videos of the soroban being used, and then they answer how the calculation was done. Through this training, they learn our original mental arithmetic method, “mental calculation”, which allows them to have a clear image of an actual abacus in their minds and mentally calculate better.

Explain the calculation process after watching a video!


Learning the soroban takes effort and practice!
Proficiency-based texts, curated according to student’s progress, paired with self-study practices will give the best outcomes.

Aimed at children 5 years old* and above, the course offers 13 levels, from "Hajimari no Hajimari/Beginning of the beginning" for toddlers to "Kihon no Ohanashi/Basic stories for children'' for grades 5 to 11. With this, students can visualize calculations using the abacus without difficulty because it is according to their individual level of understanding. In addition, each student can also use a tablet device in class to study or review on their own at home.
*Some classes offer instruction from the age of three.


Entering "The Ee Soroban Challenge" is a good opportunity
for finding out your competency among all other students worldwide.

"The Ee Soroban Challenge" is Tamaishiki original soroban test.
It can be entered by anyone in the world who is learning “Tamaishiki Ee Soroban”.


About Tamaishiki Ee Soroban


Where can I study Tamaishiki Ee Soroban?

Please contact your nearest tutoring school. You can check it in "Serch for Tutoring Schools".


Is it difficult to operate the device when viewing videos?

It can be used easily, mainly by mouse operation.
It can be easier using a tablet or a smartphone, because you just need a touch of the finger.


Is it possible to study with the video materials of “Tamaishiki Ee Soroban” at home?

Each child will be issued with an ID so they can study at home.


Is it made for the preparation for taking the abacus tests?

Levels of Ee Soroban mostly correspond with the levels of general abacus tests. However, they are not designed for various examinations. This textbook does not intend to train children abacus at a professional level, but rather to acquire calculation, imagination, and concentration skills.