Mastering and applying learned knowledge strengthen your descriptive writing skills
to answer questions.

学んだ知識をつなげ記述して答える力 を伸ばす。

Tamaishiki S.D.W. (Science with descriptive writing)

Science is not just about memorization.
First, think about the "why's".
Second, learn the different ways of thinking, writing, and expressing answers.

玉井式 国語的理科教室

The skills of communication required
in the Future

In the future, the ability to think, make decisions, and express oneself will become more essential.
Science is a practical discipline that does not only require memorization,
but also the real strengths of the combined knowledge of the study.

By merely memorizing, you do not gain the ability to think critically and the power to express.

When people think about something, we usually start with basic questions, such as what? or which? And the longer we think about it, the more impressed we will be when we arrive at the answer. The more we ask deeper questions, the more wisdom we acquire.

That is why...

Tamaishiki S.D.W. cutivates the strength of students
to think and write descriptively.

People's knowledge comes from the thought process of observing, questioning, and then finally understanding the concepts around them. Putting thought into something helps the mind remember with clarity and ease, as well as develop new brain circuits for idea generation. With S.D.W., students will learn to visualize the contents of the problem presented to them, think about possible solutions logically, and express their ideas eloquently through writing.

It is possible to create a whole new series of answers
in your head only through self-reflection and thought!

Three important skills required to
write and express answers.

  • Imagination:
    visualizing ideas in your mind
  • Thought:
    conceiving ideas logically
  • Articulacy:
    expressing ideas clearly and effectively

In order to arrive at the answer, you must first understand the problem and visualize it in your mind. Imagination, thought and articulacy are some of the basic skills for students to organize and build up their solid idea. At the end of the class, students will master descriptive writing skills and articulacy. Tamaishiki S.D.W. is a science learning material for 4th to 6th-grade elementary school students that was developed to cultivate the skills naturally. It is a method to build up students' descriptive writing skills rapidly while training them to think by themselves repeatedly.

  • Watch
  • Listen
  • Read
  • Write

Practical Learning System

Hybrid learning that integrates both ICT and textbooks


Think over memorizing!
Text materials specialized in the descriptive writing that sharpens imaging, thinking, and Japanese language skills.

An excellent feature of the Tamaishiki S.D.W. is that most of the questions are specially made to be descriptive, which requires students to write their answers in word form.


Providing students with time to think and discover solutions on their own.
A "preparatory study" curriculum where students are expected to prepare before the class.

S.D.W. uses a "preparatory study" curriculum, where students study the lessons at home with video lectures and materials before coming to class for review. The original teaching materials combine easy-to-understand live-action videos, along with animated media that utilize ICT technology, allowing students to enjoy learning persistently without losing their interest. By studying before class, students can learn to think by themselves and develop the habit of thinking on their own. Additionally, when students discover the answers to the questions on their own, their sense of achievement becomes even greater, giving them the motivation and confidence to learn.

Learning process

A "preparatory study" curriculum that prepares students
to think by themselves.


Learn to think diversity through discussions!
Developing listening and speaking skills through "Active learning" style.

During class, each student will present their answers to the written questions and discuss each other's ideas. Children can further develop their listening and understanding skills; as well as learn and discover new ideas from other students. The ability to express one's own ideas can also be refined by listening to the ideas of others. Asking each other various questions and arriving at an answer will brush up students’ expressive abilities.

About S.D.W.


Can I watch the video on a device other than PC?

Yes. You can watch the video materials on a PC or tablet devices like iPad and smartphones. You can access them from home. See the System Requirements


Is the content based on the school textbook?

Although it is not based on a specific textbook, it is designed following the Japanese Ministry of Education's Courses of Study. In addition, the contents of the book are made to be more difficult than those offered in schools. From basic content to writing, you will be able to acquire the "true science skills" needed for junior high school and high school entrance examinations.


How can I sign up?

Please inquire at your nearest tutoring school, elementary school or kindergarten. You can check it in "Serch for Tutoring Schools".