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Features of Tamai School

All of our teachers pour their efforts in helping students develop the right learning habits.

The secret to improving your academic performance is by realizing that "learning" is fun and developing good study habits. To achieve this, students will not only need to be able to focus during classes, and do their homework/review. They also need to be ambitious and determined to study independently. In Tamai School, all of our teachers are committed to help students develop the correct learning habits. Is Tamaishiki a place only for bright students? No. Rather, it is that they are the students at Tamai school, that they will become bright!

Group lessons + personal lessons to build up the foundation and go further!

Without building up a solid foundation, you will not obtain the adaptability skills, which is a necessity for entrance exams. To begin, the essential principles that appear in textbooks will be explained in the group lesson for students to establish a solid foundation. Then, by using the textbooks used in tutoring schools and our original textbooks, they will develop adaptability skills to pass the entrance examination for the school of their choice. For their difficult subjects, students can take time to study units in the personal lesson.

Thorough care for students

We believe that the key to improve academic performance lies in establishing the right learning attitude. Students having thoughts such as, “I can't concentrate at home,” and “I don't know where to start studying,” should definitely come to Tamai School and study with us. Even on non-class days, you can study in the open space in the lobby, or in the large classroom on the ground floor by the faculty room until 23:00. And for that reason, if you have questions, you can ask them right away. This is the reason why Tamai School is said to “surpass individualized instructions" even though we offer group lessons (Tanabe Junior High School and Tanabe High School students have their own study rooms and the empty classrooms are available for independent studying).

Perfect preparation for finals and exams

A few weeks before the exam, we make preparations by using our original handouts and confirmation tests. We aim for all students to score over 400 points while the top students try to score over 450 points. What's more is that on Sundays, we have a holiday study gathering; famously known as "Study bootcamp”.

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◆Tanabe branch Contact details
8-2 Shimoyashiki-machi, Tanabe-shi,
Wakayama, 646-0032 Japan
Tel 0739-26-2278 / Fax 0739-26-3858
< Opening hours>
14:00-21:00 (except on Sunday)

◆How to access
5 minutes walk from JR Kii-Tanabe station.
In front of Toukei Shrine.