Tamaishiki Recommends "Five Musts"

Flourish in a future
where we must coexist with AI.

In order to flourish in a future in which we must coexist with AI.


Things to consider until children reach the age of 12 years old.
The five "Musts" from Tamaishiki.

Sleep deprivation is the ultimate enemy of children’s growth!


Sleep deprivation is the ultimate enemy of children's growth!

Make sure children get plenty of sleep in order to maximize the effects of learning

No matter how great the teachers and materials may be, everything ends in failure if they don't sleep enough. They need enough sleep to healthily grow into an adult. Let them go to bed as early as 9 PM and sleep for 9~10 hours. Keep in mind that watching TV and playing video games lower the quality of sleep.

What can be done to let children enjoy making efforts!


What can be done to let children enjoy making efforts!

Look at the process, not the result, and it will lead to a sense of self-efficacy in your child.

It is important to foster the self-efficacy of children by telling them "you can do it!" from when they are little. Please recognize and praise their efforts even if the result is not the best. Contradicting with the spontaneity of your child like "this is wrong" and "you shouldn't do this" is a big no-no. Whatever the result is, first, recognize that they have tried.

Communication is absolutely essential!


Communication is absolutely essential!

Cultivating “Creative minds” will help students correctly understand the meaning of words.

Visualization, the ability to convert verbal information into visual images, can be developed not only with Tamaishiki teaching materials but also with things that happen in everyday life. For example, in the case of division, it is necessary to be able to “see” the division in your head. Asking your child to take on the role of dividing snacks on a routine basis will help them get a better sense of some mathematical concepts such as the composition of numbers, fractions, and ratios (proportions).

It’s also related to time management skills!


It's also related to time management skills!

Improve your child's spatial perception in order to imagine what you cannot see.

Spatial perception is important for understanding "time" and "spaces", but those are hard to imagine as they are intangible. Therefore, verbally specifying the time to students by saying things like "~minutes later, for ~ minutes", "30 minutes" "please let me know when it is at around 4:10", will have a positive effect on children's development. It is also important to let children solve the problems of not only plane figures, but also solid figures.



Making good habits from childhood is essential!

For kids to become "global kids," it's important for them to realize that there are kids who are doing their best all around the world.

In this age of globalization, children need to gain from a young age. In this age of globalization, children need to become aware of the world around them at a young age. Whenever there are news and stories about other countries, parents should talk about it with their kids. Tamaishiki also has a "KIWAMI Challenge" test, in which students all around the world can participate and measure their skills against each other. (* As of 2021, KIWAMI Challenge is held for "KIWAMI Shapes". We are planning on starting an "Ultimate Shapes" challenge in the Spring of 2023.) The top 50 ranking students will be able to see their scores, and this is a good first step for children to become aware of the world.