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with TamaishikiOur Objective

The "The Magic of Education Channels" introduces excellent education courses, including the "Tamaishiki at Home'' a online course of the Tamaishiki teaching materials, as well as the online classes in collaboration with the Tamaishiki and the Pensées Frontiére.

世界に出ても負けない子に育てる -パンセフロンティエル-

Coordinated by Mitsuyo Tamai, Pensées Frontiére

世界に出ても負けない子に育てる -パンセフロンティエル-

Pensées is best at maximizing children’s potential to learn and grow. Its philosophy sets a new educational foundation for new generations. The quality of the lessons is guaranteed by ICHISHIN, and students will acquire the essentials for junior elementary school students throughout lessons.

Case studies of Tamaishiki being introduced into educational settings

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elementary schools, kindergartens, etc..

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Tamai Mitsuyo

Hello everyone!
I am Mitsuyo Tamai,
the creator of Tamaishiki.

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