Request: Regarding unauthorized resales of our products

We, Tamai Investment Educations, have noticed a recent surge of our products being resold in online marketplaces. We would like to send a kind reminder that our company strictly forbids reselling, relicensing, transferring, or other forms of distributing our products. Purchases can be only made through us or qualified educational institutes (e.g. schools, cram schools, etc) that are officially affiliated with us. Please refrain from purchasing our products from marketplaces or auction sites. Furthermore, to protect consumers and employees from disadvantages caused by unauthorized resale activities, Tamai Investment Educations actively prevents and eliminates our products from being resold.


Note that product purchases made through online marketplaces including, but not limited to, Mercari, Rakuma, Yahoo auctions, cannot be returned or exchanged under any circumstances.

Tamai Investment Educations makes no warranties of the safety and quality of products that are purchased through unauthorized resales. We shall not take any responsibility for any and all issues that may occur during reselling or purchasing the resold products of ours.


To ensure the safety of all, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.