Tamaishiki at Tutoring Schools




  • Tutoring school
  • Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Installed in 2011

33 schools in/around Kumamoto City

TEL. 096-360-6111

The number of children who said,
"I didn't learn it, but I understand it," increased as they were able to imagine the problem, think about it, and use trial and error.

What has changed the most since your school introduced Tamaishiki?

・The children's eyes are sparkling more than ever. Difficult, but fun and rewarding, the Tamaishiki classes results in a completely different reaction than the traditional "M.R.C.(Mathematics with reading comprehension)" classes.
・I feel that through studying this material, guardians and their children get to interact more with each other. Whenever the guardians ask me, "how can I teach this?" I realize that my students are growing with the help of their guardians.

What has improved since your school introduced this material to your students?

・I now often see children saying, "I haven't learned it, but I understand it." I believe that more and more children are learning to imagine problems and through trials and errors, acquire the skills to think about them, and never give up thinking that they can (or may) solve the problem, even if they have never done it.

・I felt very happy to see one of students who doesn't like arithmetic but loves "Ultimate Shapes" because of the support in his study by increasing his strengths.




  • Tutoring school
  • Saitama Prefecture
  • Installed in 2010

34 schools in/around Saitama

TEL. 046-669-0500

I feel that each student's academic ability is improving rapidly
as they start to "think" instead of giving up on problems that they don't understand.

What has changed the most since your school introduced Tamaishiki?

After encountering the Tamaishiki "M.R.C.", I feel that the academic performance of each student has been improving rapidly before my eyes.

What has improved since your school introduced this material to your students?

【From lesson tutors】
The introduction of Tamaishiki "M.R.C." has made teaching easier for the tutors. At Saiei school, we have been able to establish a study method to improve the academic performance of the younger students. We now spread positive feedback about the materials to the local community proactively.
Ultimate Shapes
We succeeded in creating "opportunities" for students to like math.
We are now able to smoothly teach "three-dimensional figures" and moving figures, which were then difficult to teach with paper materials or on the blackboards.

【From students】
I feel that the strength of thinking and visualizing things in my mind improved dramatically. I can keep trying to solve problems by watching clues. I can now continue solving the problems when I used to give up halfway through because I didn't understand them.
Ultimate Shapes
The progressive materials gave me a sense of accomplishment and helped me develop a positive attitude for studying. In addition, working on the "Seven Fields of Shapes" throughout the year helped me understand and enjoy the real concept of shape problems.

洛西進学教室 桂教室


洛西進学教室 桂教室

  • Tutoring school
  • Kyoto Prefecture
  • Installed in 2015

80th Katsuraminamitatsucho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City, 3rd floor, Tokyo Securities Building

TEL. 075-393-2566

The children are excited to come to the class every week and
their attitude toward word problems has positively and dramatically changed.

What has changed the most since your school introduced Tamaishiki?

Not only did those who are in the class for the preparation of junior high school entrance exams respond positively to the materials, but also many other students.

What has improved since your school introduced these materials to your students?

The children attending our school are highly satisfied. They are excited to see the contents every week because of the fascinating story-based materials.
Not only is it fun, but the guardians of the children who have attended the school for three years are also happy to see that their children's attitude towards word problems and their academic performance have improved dramatically. This year, the 6th graders from Tamaishiki graduated and entered the school of their first choice. In problems involving three-dimensional figures and solids of revolution, which many students have difficulty with, the students are now able to demonstrate their "Creative minds" cultivated through Tamaishiki, to outperform their competitors.
In addition, many families attend the class, even though they are not planning to take the entrance exam, because they understand the importance of the ability of imagination.
We would like to continue to promote "Tamaishiki" into our community.




  • Tutoring school
  • Miyagi Prefecture
  • Installed in 2017

8 schools in Sendai

TEL. 0800-222-1155

Many of the students were able to formulate correct equations based on
the problems, and even after the class was over, they would say "I want to do more!"

What has changed the most since your school introduced Tamaishiki?

Students' concentration and persistence have improved.
The attitude of a student, who was described as “restless” and “won't study” by their guardians, has improved since attending our school.

What has improved since your school introduced this material to your students?

・Reading comprehension
They are now able to underline important numbers when reading long passages, without us having to tell them to do so. Many students go through a stage where even if they formulate the incorrect equation, they understand the numbers they should use to the stage where they are able to formulate the correct equation from the word problem.
・Problems of Shapes
In the upper grades, when solving the problems of nets, we can see from their gestures that they are constructing the problem in their minds. For students who have taken Ultimate Shapes, their eyes light up when they see a shape problem in a group math lesson. It has given them confidence that they can solve problems with shapes, even if they are not good at calculation. In addition, as the grade progresses, the number of arithmetic operations (such as the calculation of pi) will increase, so that basic calculation skills can be improved at the same time.
・Improved concentration
Students who could not sit still when they first entered the class, were able to maintain their concentration through the animation materials, and they transformed into the most focused students in the classroom.

The collaboration created a classroom that influences each other's strengths

Elementary Expert Classroom. Produced by "Tamaishiki"


KIWAMI KIDS is a school for elementary kids, specializing in the development of children who can play an active role on the global stage, combining the best teachers, the best teaching materials, and contact with people overseas.

Tamaishiki has long had a vision of creating a tutoring school that is specialized for elementary school students. The school provides comprehensive education integrating AI technology that fits well in the globalized society. We wanted to create a specialized tutoring school for elementary students that had the best teachers, the best teaching materials, and contact with foreign countries.

In order to focus on the quality of instructors and facilities, we thought it would be best to collaborate with a tutoring school that provides consistent top-notch education up to high school students. Based on this idea, we collaborated with the Sendai Renseikai Group, which has an excellent track record in high school and university entrance examinations. Since then, we have proudly opened the "KIWAMI KIDS" specialized class for elementary school students with them! "KIWAMI KIDS" is a method that is utilized in several prestigious private elementary schools in India and this material makes full use of the strengths of Tamaishiki. It will continuously be expanded in collaboration with tutoring schools nationwide.




  • Tutoring school
  • Hokkaido
  • Installed in 2014

17 schools in/around Hakodate City

TEL. 0138-45-5555

All students recognized the importance of converting words into images mentally!
Students have become more motivated, and many are at the top of their class in terms of grades.

What has changed the most since your school introduced Tamaishiki?

・We realized how much the children's reading comprehension has improved.
・We recognized the importance of converting words into images mentally.
・They are now able to understand the meaning of the problem and formulate equations easily.

What has improved since your school introduced this material to your students?

Many guardians have reported to us that their children, who rarely read before, are now borrowing books from libraries and reading them while giggling. They are now achieved to build up their "Creative minds" that capture the fun images from the books. In this way, students who start reading regularly got more motivated, and as they enter grade 4, more and more of them become at the top of their grades.




  • Tutoring school
  • Hyogo prefecture
  • Installed in 2015

45 schools in/around Hyogo

By using the power of animation, the children were able to focus more on the class and concentrate on the test for 40 minutes in silence.

What has changed the most since your school introduced Tamaishiki?

As a tutor I learned that children can think in many different ways, even in the early grades.
In terms of teaching results, those who have experienced Tamaishiki have become less resistant to long passages and think more deeply.
Even during tests, the restless children who used to call the teacher immediately are now able to concentrate on the test silently for 40 minutes!

What has improved since your school introduced this material to your students?

As a tutor, my teaching methods are broadened for the younger grades by learning various ideas.
By using the power of animation, children are able to concentrate more in classes.

  • Kindergartens/ Schools

    Kindergartens/ Schools

    There is an increase in number of schools who incorporate Tamaishiki into their classes and implements it regularly that achieve to build "Creative minds".