Tamaishiki at home Ee Soroban

知識を志へとつなげる 教育の魔法チャンネル

全国どこでも一緒に学べる玉井式! 双方向型

Tamaishiki at home Ee Soroban

おうちで玉井式 Eeそろばん®

For students who do not have an eye for abacus!

Acquire well-grounded computing powers through the ICT teaching materials with easy-to-understand images.

You can study at home at your own schedule.

This ICT learning material features beautiful images and easy-to-understand explanations through a voice function. In the story-based animations, the use of the abacus is explained by the characters. With this, students can then proceed with the abacus training by themselves. Targeted for children of 5 years and older, the book has 13 levels: from "Hajimari no Hajimari/beginning of beginning" for toddlers to "Kinonohanashi/Basic stories" for grades 5 to 11. With this, each child can smoothly learn to calculate according to their own level of understanding using the abacus.

Beginner-friendly! With our free online class,
you can learn how to strategically approach an abacus!

First month of the lesson


The "Tamaishiki Ee Soroban" is a level up system that allows you to advance at your own learning speed. The levels do not depend on your grade at school. However, for the first month of the course, we will provide online classes and an orientation to assess your progress. We will start from learning the parts of the abacus, and as well as clearing an abacus.

After the second month of attendance


In the online class, the instructor will pick up the important parts and explain them according to the level of the participants. Therefore, the commentary in the class will be a style where some students will review while others will prepare.

  1. If you want to hear the explanation, you may listen to the materials provided.
  2. If you think you feel confident you may proceed with the textbook.

This is similar to an ordinary Japanese soroban (abacus) class.


Don't worry if you can't join us in real time.

Even if you are unable to attend the online class on the day, we will provide the recorded video for one week following the class date.
Please note that the textbook you have may not match the progress of the lesson when you watch the recording.

Lesson schedule of Tamaishiki at home Ee Soroban

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