English at home

知識を志へとつなげる 教育の魔法チャンネル

全国どこでも一緒に学べる玉井式! 双方向型

English at home

English at home

An advanced learning style that includes
both group and individual lessons all in one online class!

Take a group lesson with a Japanese teacher and a one-on-one lesson
with a foreign teacher in one online class.

A 50-minute online class of learning and practicing English.


Group lessons
with Japanese teachers

The classes are conducted using the unique video materials that the company, Tamaishiki, is proud of. Students would retain the lessons better through our materials that integrate both visual and auditory input.


One-on-one lessons
with foreign teachers: Individual Lessons

After the lesson with the Japanese teacher, students will then be instructed by an international teacher, who will conduct the class in line with the discussions of the previous teacher. With this program, we aim to develop the students’ ability to dynamically and accurately use English in communicating with foreign teachers.

Make studying fun
with Tamaishiki video materials!

Good morning Words

Students can actively learn English by listening to English songs, working on quizzes, and enjoying visual images with our original stories through video materials. The curriculum includes not only learning English, but Math and Science as well.
The videos seen in the classes can also be viewed at home, so there is ample time for review!

A comprehensive and fun way to learn all four English skills!

listening   speaking   writing   reading

The curriculum is structured on the four basic skills of language comprehension so students can study the English Language more systematically.

Flow of a 50-minute online class

Flow of a 50-minute online class

English at home class schedule

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