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As many educational institutes have suggested, in order to advance intellectual study and education, it is first necessary to foster linguistic ability.
However, textbooks that foster such skills have yet to be developed.
Indeed, abilities such as comprehension and applicability cannot be acquired simply by repeating questions and memorizing certain formulas. Furthermore, textbooks which are too difficult for children might end up exhausting their ability and discouraging them.

The "Tamai Method of Linguistic-Based Arithmetic" enables children to improve arithmetic skills while simultaneously developing comprehension.
Most of the questions cannot be solved without thoroughly understanding the textbook, as a result, students will be able to recognize and be able to formulate an answer by fully understanding the meaning of the sentences. Thankfully, our method has been accepted by several schools, and as a result, tens of thousands of students have improved their linguistic and comprehension skills.
Furthermore, countries such as Korea, Singapore, and India have shown interest in our vision and we have started providing our services internationally.

Tamai Investment Educations Inc.
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Mitsuyo Tamai


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