The small private school in Nara, surrounded by powerful energy.

Schools are truly a wonderful place. And where the huge workload lies on the teachers. Most work cannot be digitally transformed, and also far more important than the work that can.

Teachers have so many things to teach. As the first graders start their first ever Tamaishiki M.R.C., teachers teach on how to: answer; how to express themselves; how to wash hands; and eat school lunch; etc. There are so many things recognized only onsite.

I’m really proud of the teachers in Japan! Elementary schools are so much fun! Every Tamaishiki staff knows the names of all of the students in Nara Ikuei Elementary School. We do our best to make the Ikuei school the best elementary school in Japan. Today, we had three parents visit our school. They were introduced by a teacher from Mabae Gakuen, Mr. Handa (who is very nice and smart). It is an honor to know that Mr. Handa agrees with the Nara Ikuei School’s concept. We are getting more and more visitors these days. For those who are reading this, please come and visit us, we would love to have you here!