Tamaishiki installed in the school ranked third in all of India, Delhi Public School, Ranchi.

A science experiment class, for 10-12 year olds, were held at the top five schools in India, including Oxford Public School and the third top school, Delhi Public School Ranchi. 

India does not require a license to teach and there are fewer high proficiency teachers. That is why Tamai Investment Educations Co., Ltd. hire and train these teachers to be able to  conduct the classes using our  learning materials. 

Our mission is to widely distribute Japanese made learning materials in India. In order to achieve our goal, we have been producing business projects organized by Japanese tutoring schools and publishers, with a mission, Spread learning materials made in Japan to promote interest toward Japan, in the future”. The collaboration class “Science Labo” held with one of the tutoring schools in Nishinomiya-city called “Up” became so popular that a hundred students per school have signed up.

We have also  been providing classes such as, Ultimate Shapes, Ee Soroban and Ee English using our original  ICT learning materials all year round. Our goal to install Tamaishiki to a total of hundred schools in ten different areas, has been attracting attention from educational leaders in India.