Lecture at Sozo Gakuen.

The charming teacher, Ms. Kawaguchi was the facilitator for the lecture. Sozo Gakuen has  the most number of students nationwide, in their Tamaishiki M.R.C. class. Although I received 30 questions for the Q&A section, due to time constraints, I’m sorry that I was only able to answer half of them. 

Since there were many children listening to the lecture, I decided to talk about the importance of recognizing their privilege compared to the children in India, where many lack access to basic academic needs such as pencils or books. And how this recognition leads to appreciation and reason to study.

Thank you for listening to my lecture sincerely. Furthermore, I’d like to share some comments we received after the lecture.


It was really a nice lecture. Sometimes I feel lost in parenting. I will remember to listen to my children, smiling at them and telling them I love them.

It was probably the fourth or fifth time I attended Ms. Tamai’s lecture. Her lecture always gives me encouragement and makes me realize the real meaning of education.

Ms. Tamai’s descriptions and realistic examples gave me strength. In particular, her expression, “My little treasure is acting up today!”. It’s exactly the same in our house, so I felt relieved. I really enjoyed listening to her talk.

The hour and a half flew by,  and the whole time I felt as if I was being cheered on. Parts of the lecture that pierced my heart and made me wish that I had listened to this lecture earlier. Ms. Tamai also spoke directly to the children, including my daughter. I hope this will give my daughter, who tends to say, “I can’t do it”, strong influence. I would like to attend her lecture again.

It was another great lecture. Every time I attend Ms. Tamai’s lecture, it makes me realize the happiness of raising children and important pressing issues of child-rearing and education. Her speech recharges my energy to be a parent. Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to her next lecture.

I wanted to hear more of what Ms.Tamai had to say. Starting tomorrow, I want to change myself for the better.

It taught me many important things happening at this stage of development. I was thankful that the questions I submitted earlier were answered in the lecture. Ms. Tamai’s speech style had a lot of humor and love, making the lecture very engaging. I also appreciated hearing opinions about Japanese education issues, from a global perspective. I would love to attend another one of her lecture.

We received so many more thoughtful comments, besides the one shared above. Thank you very much.