Summer event hosted by Edic Sozo Gakuen

With 700 students participating, it ended up being such a huge online event!. Because of this, the online event was divided into nine groups. Our CEO, Ms. Tamai made sure to attend each of them. And she delivered a message to children: “When you all grow up, I want each and every one of you to take action in building a world where no child is impoverished or at risk of death.” Ms. Tamai passionately spoke, as she believes children are our future.

It was also the perfect opportunity for us adults to reflect on. What can we do to help children build the ideal future, when we failed to make it ourselves? As adults, we understand new education creates a new society. But many would say, “it’s easier said than done”. And that is true, we have to remember that to implement this idea we require to have many experiences, passions, responsibilities without prejudices and a great deal of support.

We, Tamai Investment Educations Co. Ltd., will continue to improve our education materials, collaborating with many tutoring schools and schools. All the smiles on the children’s faces today gave us motivation to continue our journey! Thank you so much to Edic Souzou Gakuen who provided such an amazing opportunity and team Tamai who prepared the special event.