“KIWAMI Japanese”, one of Tmaishiki learning materials, was highly evaluated by the Jharkhand governor in India.

The news was covered by a local Hindi media onlinet. Tamai Investment Educations Co., Ltd. (based in Kyoto, Japan) and Ranchi University have been conducting a Japanese-language learning class as a collaboration project that was spoken highly by Mr. Ramesh Bais, the Governor of Jharkhand.
“KIWAMI Japanese” aims to familiarize the Japanese language through entertainment. The material largely consists of high quality animations that Tamai specializes in. The program was introduced in December, 2020, to one of the most prestigious local universities, Ranchi University. Ever since then, the program has been carried on by the university and a local subsidiary company, Tamai Onettom India Private Ltd. 

The learning material was greatly praised by Mr. Bais as a successful project, reported in a local Hindi media, Prabhat Khabar. During a meeting with Yutaka Nakamura, the Japanese Consulate General in Kolkata and Governor Ramesh Bais, Mr. Bais mentioned that the students at the university have been taking the Japanese class with enthusiasm.

We are truly honored that our project was recognized and even praised as a success by the local governor.
We will continually upgrade our curriculum and contents of  “KIWAMI Japanese” and strive for the expansion of Tamaishiki in India with the cooperation of the local subsidiary company, Tamai Onettom India Private Ltd.