Big suprise at Eishinkan school.

We arrived at one of the most prestigious tutoring schools, Eishinkan in Fukuoka, with a mission: to be a surprise visitor for the Tamaishiki trial class. None of the students, parents, or teachers knew about the plan except the Tamaishiki teacher, Mr. Takao, who was in charge of the event. We burst in with no warning! The plan worked perfectly and everyone, especially the teachers, were so surprised to see us! Not only that, at the end of the class, most of the participants enrolled in the class.

The trial class for the second graders was fully booked! Teacher Ms. Kokubu’s class was excellent! We hope more students will be able to attend the class in the near future. This experience helped us realize, once again, the importance of visiting school. Once the pandemic settles down, we hope to visit more schools.