A small private elementary school in Nara is actually global!

Through Tamai Investment Educations Co, Ltd., students from both Sri Aria School in Kuala Lumpur, and Nara Ikuei Elementary School have started a cultural exchange program!

The students freely introduce their schools, foods, culture, customs, history etc. to each other. The first graders of Nara Ikuei School showed a big pinecone and introduced them to their flowerbed at school. And the second graders performed a song from the famous movie “Totoro” and danced with it.

The children meet each other online every two weeks. I told them “Let’s find out where Malaysia is on the globe!”. It’s a very special day for the students to start paying attention to the world.

We started this online overseas exchange program based on the idea that language can only be learned when there is a purpose and motivation to communicate. Surely, when the students graduate, they will have many childhood friends overseas.