A lecture for students hosted by UP Inc.

Today, ou CEO, Mitsuyo Tamai talked about the story when the company expanded to India. No matter how many times she tried, her presentation did not go well. She was at a loss at the airport in Delhi because of the disappointment. Then there was a lady working at the small shop nearby who came over and gave her some sweets. 

It’s all about “Trial and Error”. The lecture went for about two hours including another event talking about the brand “Tamaishiki” which our CEO launched 10 years ago. She received some questions and responded, yet she still hoped she was able to answer them properly…

The main topic she tried to convey in her talk about motivation was first, you need to find the reason why you want to do something, and who it’s for. The second is planning: how will you do it? Your reasoning of “why” you’re doing it shouldn’t be merely for personal gain, but rather something that society can benefit from, or something that you are passionate about.

Third, once you’ve made up your mind, go for it. Even if others laugh at you and say, “That’s impossible,” don’t waver. You must continue trying it once you decide to do it. Value the people who support you more than the people who criticize you, and thank them with all your heart. Lastly, her final message she wanted to convey was: Never give up on “living life to the fullest”! You are the only one, original brand yourself!

Thank you very much for listening to the humble experiences and opinions of our CEO who will be turning 60 next year. Thank you for everyone’s attendance and thank you so much to UP Inc. for giving us a wonderful opportunity.